Guest Room Information

Single A

Single Anon-Smokingnon-SmokingSmokingSmoking

Standard-sized single room. Smoking and non-smoking rooms available.

Single B

Single Bnon-Smokingnon-SmokingSmokingSmoking

Single room slightly larger than Single A.



Double room. Suitable for couples.



Twin room with two beds. Suitable for friends traveling together, etc.

Please indicate your desired accommodation plan in the remarks column of the reservation form.

Facilities Information

We have quality services and hotel facilities to provide you with a pleasant stay.

Free Breakfast (Japanese/Western)

Free Breakfast (Japanese/Western)

We have free breakfast at the 1F restaurant (Japanese and Western style).
Please pick the breakfast of your choice.
The Japanese breakfast is a daily special. For the Western breakfast, we serve home-made egg sandwiches.
※ For children staying free of charge, we offer breakfasts for a fee. For details please contact our staff.

Available 6:45~9:00


We serve dinner to guests in groups of five or more.
Please contact us at least three days before your check in.

※ If you have some requirements about the size of your dinner, please let us know in advance.
※ For large group tours, please notify us in advance.

Price: From 1,300 yen/person


The flat, surface-level parking lot allows you access to your car whenever you like.
The spacious parking area accommodates 40 cars in total, even large vehicles including buses.
※ For buses and other large vehicles please contact us in advance.


We will look after your baggage even before or after you check in.
Enjoy sightseeing by only taking the bare necessities with you.
Early/late check-ins are also available. Please contact us in advance.

You can bring your road bike into your room!

Your road bike can be brought with you into your room.
Please notify us when you make your reservation.

※Please prepare your own bike stand.
※Please clean the tires in the lobby before bringing your bike into your room.

Vending machine

We have vending machines on the 2nd floor. Cigarettes are available from the 1F vending machine.

Place 2F

Coin laundry

We have a laundry room on the 2nd floor.

Washing machines 50 minutes for 200 yen
Gas dryers 20 minutes for 100 yen
Available 24 hours/day


Please feel free to use the microwave located on the 2nd floor.

Place 2F

Delivery Service

You can ask for a parcel delivery service at the front desk.


The room key is exclusive to you to ensure your safety.
We offer a "free check-out system" so you will never be kept waiting (if you have no additional payment due, just return your key).

Access Map

Located on the JR Line Iyo-saijo Station rotary, you can easily reach the hotel by JR, bus, and taxi.

Access Guide

Our hotel is in a prime location (in the JR Line Iyo-saijo Station rotary). It is suitable for business and leisure activities, such as climbing Mt. Ishizuchi, skiing, Shikoku 88-temple pilgrimage, and Saijo Festival.

By Airplane
From Matsuyama Airport

Matsuyama Airport
Matsuyama Airport Limousine Bus Approximately 15 minutes
JR Matsuyama Station
Yosan Line Limited Express "Shiokaze" (bound for Okayama) Approximately 1 1/2 hours
Iyo-saijo Station
  30 seconds walk
Saijo Station Hotel

By Car
By car: from Iyo-saijo Interchange

Iyo-saijo Interchange
National Highway No. 11
For Matsuyama Approximately 15 minutes
Saijo Station Hotel

By Bus
By highway bus: from Osaka/Kobe

Osaka-Umeda/Kobe-Sannomiya Bus Stations
Ishizuchi Liner
Salad Express
Approximately 5 hours
Iyo-saijo Station
  30 seconds walk
Saijo Station Hotel

Tourist Information

Saijo is a City of Water, where uchinuki (flowing wells) can be seen everywhere. Here are some sightseeing spots that are well worth visiting, for example the Shikoku 88-temple pilgrimage and Saijo Festival.

Mt. Ishizuchi

01Mt. Ishizuchi

Mt. Ishizuchi is one of the Seven Sacred Mountains of Japan, and the highest mountain in Western Japan (1,982m).
It is known as a mountain of Shugendo (Japanese mountain asceticism-shamanism incorporating Shinto and Buddhism).
It is said that Kukai (one of the most famous Buddhist monks in Japan) trained himself on this mountain.
The craggy ridge of the Tengu-dake (mountain top) and expansive panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea are really attractive.

Travel Times Approximately one hour by bus.
Yokomine-ji Temple

02Yokomine-ji Temple

Ishizuchi-san Fukuchi-in Yokomine-ji Temple (formal name) is the 60th temple on the Shikoku 88-Temple Pilgrimage.
It has been known since ancient times as the hardest place to reach on the Pilgrimage, as it sits on the slope of Mt. Ishizuchi.
Some of our guests head for this temple after enjoying breakfast at our hotel.

Travel Times Approximately one hour by bus.
Sankaku-ji Temple

03Sankaku-ji Temple

Yurei-zan Jison-in Sankaku-ji Temple (formal name) is the 65th temple on the Shikoku 88-Temple Pilgrimage.
The principal idol in this temple, Juichi-men Kannon Bosatsu (11-faced Kannon), is said to bless visitors with fertility and an easy delivery. It is customary for couples seeking conception to receive a shamoji (rice scoop) at this temple and when their wish comes true, they donate a new shamoji to the temple.
In the spring, you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms.

Travel Times About 50 minutes by car (via Matsuyama Motorway)
Saijo-shi Hiuchi Baseball Stadium

04Saijo-shi Hiuchi Baseball Stadium

This baseball stadium has a 10,000-person capacity.
It is also equipped with a roofed bullpen.

Travel Times About 11 minutes by car
Tasting Water from Uchinuki (Flowing Wells)

05Tasting Water from Uchinuki (Flowing Wells)

Many people come from far away to get water from uchinuki (flowing wells). Coffee made with this water tastes really good!

Travel Times About 10 minutes on foot.
Viva Sportia SAIJO

06Viva Sportia SAIJO

Sports facility equipped with training rooms, shower rooms, and an artificial lawn field for sports.

Travel Times About 35 minutes by car

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